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Lithium Battery Conversion Service

Elevate your golf cart with our professional lithium conversion service. Switch to lighter, more efficient lithium batteries for improved performance, reduced maintenance, and extended life. Trust us to power your ride with cutting-edge technology!

Our Services Include

Battery Service

Comprehensive care for both lithium and lead-acid batteries.

Tire Service

Tire maintenance, replacements, and pressure checks.

Full Maintenance

Regular maintenance to keep your cart running smoothly.

Monthly Programs

Convenient battery watering, tire pressure checks, and mobility services to ensure your cart is always ready to go.


In addition to Star EV, Bintelli and Landmaster, we offer parts for EZGO, Yamaha, and Clubcar at competitive prices. We are also dealers for Trojan Batteries (lead acid) and Eco Battery (Lithium Ion). We can supply parts like keys, chargers, roofs, custom made enclosers, windscreens, (custom) seats, steering wheels, electric components, and many handy accessories for daily golf cart use. We can install them or you can do it yourself.


We are dealers for JH Parts, Nivel parts, Madjax, Modz and Exogear stereo systems. All the homes in Serenbe are different, why should your cart look the same? We can do complete customizations from wheels, lift kits, bodies, steering wheels, seats and stereo systems. Come visit our store to check out our selection, the possibilities are endless!

Extended Warranties

We like to make your cart/UTV ownership as trouble-free as possible. With EWG Warranty program, we offer the leader in extended warranties. Available on New carts as well as 5 years young units. These programs will cover all major repairs and towing inside Serenbe. Please call to learn more on the EWG Program.
Experience the convenience and reliability of our local services, and keep your golf cart in peak condition with ease.

Parts Offerings

Call : (770) 282-9924